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It might be crowded underneath that table....


Crikey, I'm such a lightweight I wouldn't even try.....

That was quite some bee drama you witnessed there. Nasty hornets. I hate them.


I don't think I ever really got the hang of bound off shoulder seaming. My seams never looked just the way I wanted them to. I haven't bound off the shoulders in my sweaters since I read this article:


Now I modify every single pattern so I can use the open loops/three needle bind off. Maybe that would work for you...


I think you should go back and ask the Newfoundlander what your odds are of drinking me under the table.
I may not be an east-coaster, but I have been trained in their ways. If I were you. I'd bring the crutches.


I read too about the KnitLit 3 -- looking forward to it! Thanks for the recipe -- I have corn, tomotoes, etc. on my counter - yum!


Bee drama...I was transfixed.
3 needle bind off is good for many shoulders. Lucy Neatby (a Newfoundlander!) has a cool way to do it, too.

Lynne S of Oz

I've heard hornets are nasty but we don't have them or bumblebees here (Tasmania has bumble bees though).


Nature red in tooth and claw...and up close and personal. That's really kind of cool - but to avoid anaphalxis stay away from the bee shrub. It's dangerous out there - bee stings, wasp aggression, encephalitis - for all it looks like like a garden.

I guess that's the point - it may look civilized, but the fight for life is anyhting but - for plants or people, bees or butterflies.


Your right Madonna is a knit goddess. Great store - I really am missing it right now.

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