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I love the fall and the return to routines that it represents. In my garden, when the Autumn Joy Sedum starts to bloom, I know summer is really over.
I love the neckline on that sweater - it looks great!


So are you saying you will MISS this Summer? You can have what's left of mine if you want! ;-)

Lovely lily. Sadly, I feel like the flowers passed me by this year. It was too hot for me to take pictures.


Ooh. Curly maple. The last daylily. Thoughts of autumn--which is my most favorite season. My husband worried when he saw my first nostepinde, too.


Fall is the most glorious time of year. We've already had a couple chilly mornings and the air just smells different. Bring on September!


Mwahahahaha! Did he ask if it vibrates?


I hope you demonstrated the proper use of that tool.


I can't wait until fall--cool weather, light sweaters and jackets. And, oh! Apples! I can't wait until those crisp, crunchy, juicy apples are ripe and at their peak. Macouns! Honeycrisps! Yum, yum, yum....

Lynne S of Oz

Nice nostie! LOL
Autumn approaches for you and spring is well and truly here!
Can I suggest that the crutches might be a great help when you beat all the other ladies off the spinning supplies that you want? Maybe you'll need to get a pair again...


I've been watching the mountain peaks for signs of color. It's been a wet year so, unlike the last 7 years, fall colors will come later. I predict the first signs by next week, however.
You will surely find something to say about motivation. At least I hope so, as I love the way you write.

Laura J

I think a tree is starting to turn in my yard, a kind of ratty-looking birch. Some of the local sumac and poison ivy, too. The asters Novae-angliae are starting to bloom (saving the life of several near a projected flowerbed). I hated this summer weather and will read your rant and see it and raise it.


Curly maple is one of my favorite woods, so I definitely approve. And want one! The lily is wonderful...something happened to my Autumn Clematis and it's just disappeared, sadly. We are hoping for a few more weeks of summer here, since we were so late in planting the veggies, just enough to ripen up those tomatoes! Now, while congratulations are in order for the banishment of the crutches, I want to pass along a hint. If your injured limb is as wimply looking as mine, use them for exercise. I do many laps a day around the kitchen island..on the "bad" foot..and am actually seeing some progress in muscle development! Who knew.

Lee Ann

I have yet to show my husband my nostepinde. I'm not sure what this says about me...


It's definitely turning towards fall here. We're back under the down comforters at night, with a low in the 40's. Much nicer for sleeping. And for knitting with wool.
I'm looking forward to your thoughts on motivation, too!


That sweater is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait for cooler weather, either.


Love the spinning - what a beautiful color!
So, what was the explanation you used...I may need to use it here! :)

julia fc

At least the nostepinde doesn't have an electrical cord like Juno's, uh, vacuum cleaner.
And in my garden, it's the Montauk Daisy that is the last to bloom, named as such I've always assumed, because it's the last stop before the great wide Atlantic of the winter ahead.
This year my clematis ternifolia is intertwined with morning glories. Try it next year: it's a lovely effect.

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