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Lee Ann

Well, the beetles are having fun, anyway...

How's the Foot in all of this? A big hug to a tired knitter from another tired knitter. And spinning through it is a perfectly good way to "dump" the roving...


I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing? I have not seen a lot of happy, laid back people in blogland. The humidity and heat just zaps it out of you. That isn't the dreaded sign of ......gasp...getting older, is it???
Sleep. Sleep.


OH I wish you hadn't showed me those beetles. Nothing gets me PISSED like those damn Japanese beetles...and when they're out there MATING like there's no tomorrow......they've nearly decimated my rosa rugosa in prior years. I put down Milky Spore two years ago and it worked really well. This year they're back, but in very much smaller numbers. Thanks for the reminder to put down more Milky Spore this fall. (it's a pain to put it down, though -- in a three-foot grid over the ENTIRE property!) You don't realize how big your property is until you have to put a teaspoon (or something) of powder EVERY THREE FEET!!!


I hope you get some peace real soon. That multi-facet brain work is the most draining. I think.

But just between you and me and thousands of your loyal readers, there's something to be said about getting really ripe, ever now and then. Makes me feel human. In a compost kind of way.


Yeah, I don't think walking away from something is the same as finishing it so you can put it behind you, oh perfectionist one. But musn't tease, it is the perfectionist streak that makes you, I have no doubt, good at what you do and an excellent trainer.
That kind of thing is exhausting....

At least the beetles have the energy for shenanignans...


I'm getting tired just reading this.



Life is too short to spin anything that doesn't make you happy.


Spinning sounds so much easier than anesthesiology. Take care...be well.


How much of this stuff do you have left? I would finish the bobbin you are on now, ply it, wash it, and move on to something infinitely more inspiring, like Shetland or Finn or Jacob or Border Leicester or....


You're brave, doing the mentoring thing. I'm not sure I'd have the patience for it. I don't suppose you could take your knitting into the OR, could you?

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