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I say it adds character - leave it. And, keep the husband - its good to have someone who understands you on all (most?) levels ;o)


It's hardly noticeable. And it should blend in when felted. Let it go. :)


I'll agree with the previous commenters -- it's a keeper! *IF* the stripe is even noticeable after felting, it won't detract from the bag - cute pattern, by the way -- and your husband is right, it's not a bug, it's a feature. Sounds as though he's got a good sense of humor; he's a keeper, too. :-)


Kiss the husband - good ones are hard to find! Forget the stripe - you won't see it when it is felted! :-)


The husband is very smart...he's a keeper, if for no other reason than to keep you from obsessing. It looks fine, grrl...after all, it's only a felted bag.


I've been wanting to make that bag for a while - even have the yarn for it - can't wait to see how it comes out - stripes or no stripes. Oh and for the record, I can't see the second stripe at all.

As for the knitted strait jacket, please post pattern ASAP.


Geez, all these votes in favor of the husband, I'm embarrassed to say my thought was "you could knit a muzzle for the husband."

So, moving on.......it will hardly be noticeable when you felt it. Keep going.


Keep it, felt it - you will never see it!


DO NOT RIP! Step away from the bag!It is hardly noticeable (except to you, of course) but I do believet hat when you felt it you will NOT be able to see it!
Guaranteed. Or your money back.


I agree with "feature [vs.] bug."
...I don't think it'll be noticeable, especially once it's felted.

Lee Ann

If you knit a muzzle for the husband, be sure to felt it, or it will not do its job properly.

And I hate to say it, but I can't see the light blue stripe. I must be completely blind...except that a couple of other people can't see it either, so...

Felt it and see what happens. Really, now, if several of us can't see the difference, then once it's felted, I'm sure no one is going to be able to tell.

Hmm, this husband is also the same person who partakes in wine tastings with you and supports you through The Foot, etc...

Bah, keep him ;-)But the muzzle is good insurance.


Well, I can see it -- barely. But I agree with the DH, it's a feature, not a flaw. If you can see any trace of it after it's felted, just embellish it a bit. BTW, I don't know anything about knitting or felting. Would the straight jacket be one-size fits all?


Felting should take care of it. And, if not, it's a "design decision" not a flaw.
Keep the husband, he's helping you find the humor in things.

julia fc

I promise you that the felting will eliminate most of the problem. You will have to squint and know precisely whewre to look. Only you (and those of us who remember this post when the time comes) will know. And I promise to not notice.
It will be fine.


Leave it. I have a whole afghan knit from dark purple chenille, and knit it primarly in poor evening light. Only when it was nearly finished did I notice that one entire skein must have had the ball band switched at the store by devious tricksters, because it is clearly a different dye lot. There was no ripping the sucker due to the nature of the yarn. But you know,the afghan is warm and snuggly and loved all the same. It's on my couch right now, and I just fold that "design feature" stripe underneath it when not in use. I say let your bag be how it wants to be.


Absolutely leave it alone. I can't see the stripe you're referring to so I'd certainly not rip it out. The bag is adorable, leave it alone.


The more I hear about the husband, the better I like him.

Proseco! Delicious! My bookgroup and I thank you.


leave it. i'm with the afghan maker. i have a poncho that i made with yarn that is supposed to have no dyelot, but i have a dark stripe at the top, lol. it will be gorgeous, trust me, felting covers a multitude of sins. i had a bag where i twisted a stitch, and had to force myself to leave it because i knew it would felt into oblivion. however, you notice i still remember it, and remember what it looked like before i felted. leave it.

as for hubby, sounds like he has a good sense of humor, however i would have offered to knit the straight jacket for HIM! better than a muzzle, in my book.


Can't see it, but they're all right: felting will make it disappear.


Like everyone says: you won't see it.

Other Marcia

Girl....If you complete this project with that whale of an asthetic anomaly intact, I'm going to have to call the Society for the Sanctity of Pure and Perfect Knitting, to lodge an official report. In the meantime, is there some way I can contact your husband, asap? I think it's time to put needles under lock and key. Barney Fife style.

Other Marcia

On second thought, I say keep it. But only if, when completed, you promise to point out the error to anyone who gives it a compliment. ;)


Count me with the others who can't see it. I full-screened the image twice but still just don't see it. So I have to think it will really not be noticeable once you felt. Keep the bag!


Can't see it either. So there. You'll never know after felting!


I looked twice and couldn't see it. Leave it. Keep the husband.


I can't see it either and I kept looking for it. If you can't see it now, then its really gone after felting. Keep it.

Regina aka LadyLinoleum

I can't see the color variation on my screen either. The conversation with your hubby is priceless!


I can't see it, either. But if you do decide to develop a line of straightjackets, let me know if you're planning a feline model.


I don't think the husband is the problem in this particular situation....

I can't see the stripe either, though I know if I were there in person I'd see it if you pointed it out to me. I'd think of it like a cosmic joke, and once it's felted you'll be hard pressed to convince anyone who didn't see it before that it's there.

(you've never felted before? I think the ins and outs of what we've all done, or haven't yet tried is interesting. I didn't realize you hadn't spent time sitting near the washing machine waiting to see what came out yet....)


I'm with the husband on the straighjacket thing. It's FELTED. No one will ever see that second stripe.


This is the same husband who learned to spindle with you, right? I think we have ample evidence of his good judgment.

Wabi-sabi, baby.

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