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I was waiting for the spinning/sex comparison to show up somewhere.

But, hey, what would a bunch of spinsters know about that ;-).


Lovely, lovely wheel. I'm sure you'll grow into her. Especially given all that practice time you are putting in.



Ohhhhh, beauty is as beauty does.....or you could say "Norma's off on one of her tangents again." Absolutely stunning. You chose well.


What a beautiful wheel! The wood is gorgeous. I'm sure you will be very happy together.

Lee Ann

The thunk sound you just heard is my jaw on the floor. I'll just pick it up and back away from the ordering pages now...


Oooo, aahhh...it's lovely and you and she will make beautiful music together.
Nancy Bush would be proud to know that the yarn will become one of her socks.


Congratulations on your "new arrival"! Just remember, thicker yarn=less twist=faster treadle. Thin yarn=more twist=slower treadle. Or something like that.


Recently, I have been enjoying the idea that I am now, fully, a spinster...it kind of tweaks expectation, doesn't it?

Gorgeous wheel, gorgeous.

As for spinning and S*e*x - well, I always say that we should remember that we only have one central nervous system to feel things with. If something should remind us of something else it is neither unreasonable nor surprising. Right?

It is just the fact that we are from North America that makes us uneasy about it.....

Pleasure? Nonsense!


That wheel's so gorgeous it almost makes me want one! Congratulations! May the yarn you spin be as gorgeous as the wheel you're spinning it on!


What a beauty. You SO will be the spinner she deserves. Patience.


It's gorgeous! Congrats on your beautiful new wheel.


OH! Your wheel is GORGEOUS! What's her name?


Re: spinning, women and history! For a fascinating look into life two centuries ago, read "A Midwife's Tale - The Life of Martha Ballard Based on her Diary, 1785-1812" by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. Ulrich is a history professor at the University of New Hampshire. Back when women were owned by their fathers'/husbands', women could not work, own property or have money. There were no careers except midwifery, spinning and I forget what else! but if you taught a girl to spin, you gave her a very valuable way to take care of herself and her family. While she could not accept money, she could barter services for goods. There was this whole sub-economy back then. If I spun your fleece (since most families did not have a spinning wheel), it was understood that you would give me "X amount" of things in return...like hams/bacon when you slaughtered your pigs; or, apples/cider when you harvested your orchards; or tubs of butter or cheese made from your cow's milk. In this fashion, a spinner could contribute greatly to the household and could keep herself out of poverty if she were single or widowed. Also, think about this: that ski sweater you bought when you wanted it, would take over a year to get back then because first the sheep had to grow the wool before it would be sheared/spun/knitted and worn! Okay, lesson over! :-) Kate/Massachusetts


Pretty wheel, lovely fiber, yummy yarn. Now those are some nice pix. :-)


I love the analogy of twist and fire. You so ARE the spinner that that wheel deserves, you just have to realize your potential. Enjoy the ride.


By the way, thanks a LOT for yet another link to a fiber source. I have so few now, cough, cough. It's actually not that far from our youngest son, so a visit may be in order someday. You need to get some Jacob, some Shetland, some Finn and maybe some Leicester. All fun to spin.

Lynne S of Oz

WHEEL! Dyeing stuff - how much more fun can you pack in to one week? Lovely wheel - I am sure your spinster self will enjoy it and she'll give you plenty of room to grow into rather than realising six months later you should've gotten a better one!


Beautiful, beautiful wheel! How does she feel ...I hope a wonderful as she looks. :)

Janice in GA

Congratulations, and may you both spend many happy hours twisting and turning together! :)

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