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Liz Cadorette

And my absolutely awesome Alliteration Armada continues its efforts apace...:)

Love the spinning, errors and all - and relaxation is a good thing in all learning endeavors. (Try telling me that in the midst of my EMT classes, however, whilst allowing other students to poke me with needles, and we're not so much with the relaxation. SEVEN STICKS IN ONE NIGHT IS TOO MANY!!)

Parsley, warm grilled chicken, and a tart and tangy vinagrette make beautiful music together as a salad.


Hee. Love the alliteration. Well, for today, anyway. If you did it all the time, I'd belt you. Wow, enough spinning to give yourself a repetitive strain injury? You'd better slow down! (says she who is embarrassed to be left behind in everyone's dust....)


Remember I had to stop "so called spinning" because my thumb hurt? That was a premonition of sorts. Well, it starts with P anyway!
Thumbs up to resting the thumb!


I wonder if its possible to spin without using any thumbs? I'll have to try this....


What pleasantly perfect and ply-ready s...Pinning. I tried ;)

Oh well...

I'm so glad things are proceeding progressively. Take care of that thumb, though. Another good reason to spin AND knit: you can switch when your hands get tired of one.


This site has helped me with stretching and strengthening joints that are painful.
Ice and ibuprofen help inflammation. Spinning and flowers...gorgeous!

Lee Ann

So, go knit something ;-)

Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous yarn, a welcome sight today. Tough day in Lee-Ann-Land...

Found a woman with wheels nearby. Have to save for the right one. Spindles arriving in the mail any day now, though...so black llama, here I come :-)


That is some mighty fine-looking yarn there, lady! Here is something to ponder: beginners always get big kinks and fat chunks and lumps because their feet are going too fast. Fat yarn needs LESS twist, thin yarn needs MORE twist, so until the feet can slow, or work independently, make thinner yarn. As soon as the yarn starts to thin, it improves. Coincidence? I think not. Also, there are several methods that will relieve the stress on your thumb: try spinning from the fold, or ask me about Paula Simmons method for "fast spinning" in which the thumb isn't used at all!

Lynne S of Oz

This post was brought to you by the letter "p." Have a nice day!


I still have Fantom Farm envy.

Are you predrafting a lot? The more separated the fiber, the less you have to hang on like a terrier to get it separated in the drafting zone before the twist can take it.

When I forget, the twist grabs big chunks of roving and makes a big ole mess. Or I find myself hanging on so tight I KNOW it can't be good.

How's the thumb today?


I was going to partake of and pitch in on the p-fest. But, girl, it's still a sensitive letter for me, right now.

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