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The advantage of age is the experience to understand that future trouble comes if we play today. It isn't fun but...there you have it.


Hmmm. Now you are shaming me into getting my office straightened out. It's my version of a weedy garden.


It may have been putting off pleasure for tomorrow, but you got a _fantastic_ story out of it.
I've always wondered which child I would have been. I think I would've eaten the marshmallow right away, unfortunately... ;-)

Lee Ann

Oh boy...you're shipping her right when I have my final exam, so I get the reward of working hard, then having a wheel at the end of it...


And Lorette's version of a weedy garden sounds like my entire house. Better clean for the new occupant.

And have I mentioned lately that you, plain and simply, rock? :-)


If it makes you feel better, it's *years* since I weeded! Of course, I pretty much hate yard work of any kind and used to promise my parents that I would do any indoor chore they wanted if I could get out of having rake leaves or weed or any of those outdoor things people make their kids do (grin). But, really, congratulations!


you know, i gave up weeding my garden when the tomatoes blew over and covered EVERYTHING. the weeds aren't growing as well anyway, lol. now i have a tough time finding tomatoes, though! i think i would have held out as long as possible for the marshmallow, but if the researcher had taken too long, in my esteem, that marshmallow would have been mine. it's a tough row to hoe, ya know? (i keep telling my IQ-high son that he needs to APPLY his intelligence, or that high IQ is nothing but a number. maybe someday it will get through) now i'm off to eat marshmallows!


I weeded my tiny flower beds yesterday. There was no screaming nor shedding of blood. The clover went quietly.


I'm trying to remember my four year old self and think about what I would have done. My grown up self tells me I would have waited to get 2 marshmallows but who knows! Very cool concept, though.
Also cool is the sending of a wheel to Lee Ann. I'm so excited for her! And amazed at your generosity!


Those singles on the bobbin look beautiful! I love the color variation.


That was very, very funny.

I love that feeling, of being the godling that one's project (gardening, organizing...whatever) trembles before.

I wonder if that model allows for being a one marshmallon kind of girl sometimes, and a two marshmallow at others? Or for learning to delay gratification later on.

Too lazy to do the reading right now.


believe it or not, the whole field of medicine crossed my mind the first time I read this yesterday; I just needed time to think on it before really commenting. Am I still driven the same way I was last year this time? the answer is no, even though I am tired and braindrained and feel as though I will never know it all. The driving force now is that there is a person who needs care, not just a test to study for. (which is why my board studying is so hard to get motivated for; I prefer to treat and read about real people, not the ones that I "fix" via multiple choice questions.)

(I am too tired and thus my thoughts are a bit out there and hard to understand without seeing my hands talking.)

Much can be said for doing the dirty work because it needs to be done. I think one of the key things on the "all grown up now" list is just that - realizing that the payoff might not be immediate, and feeling good when the job is done.

Lynne S of Oz

We have to get into our weeds now too otherwise they will take off and smother the yard this spring. We cut down a number of nasty spikey bushes that stop anyone weeding under them and now it is WAR! DIE WEEDS DIE!
Ooops, sorry... got a little over enthused then. I like weeding cos if I do it right with newspaper and mulch, NO more weeds!

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