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I love garlic scapes...we grow about 60 or so heads of garlic, so I usually have more scapes than I can deal with. Even tried garlic scape pesto for the first time this year. Not something to eat raw, no sir.


DARN! I wish we didn't have so many deer...no way can I have special stuff like that lily. I'm stuck with some common iris and lady's mantle. Nice plants, but...


garlic scraps, eh? I'll have to see if there are any hanging around the farmer's market here. I love garlic; especially roasted and smeared on good bread.


ack! and by scraps I meant "scapes!" really!


Mmmm. Home cooked meals. I've forgotten what that's like.


I love the argyranthema; that daisy-form has really caught my attention recently.


Those sound yummy; I'll have to see if the market here has them.
How's your foot doing? Are you making it through the days at work OK?


We have garlic scapes from our organic farm too -- we saute them with swiss chard and other greens, bit of olive oil and ginger. Looked like a fabulous party!!


Never heard of garlic scrapes but I'm guessing they are delicious. And don't you just love Penzey's?


Desperate? Spinning?
It seems wrong somehow.

Wanna come over and saute some scapes for me?

And that lily...no words.


Oh, wow, I love your argyranthema. Awesome!

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