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It looks like a wonderful time. I've met the owner of that nametag...and she has a point.


To have finally met the etherknitter is something that will remain in my special thoughts for a long long time.
You are wonderful!
I smile still thinking of the fun we all had!


You have pictures and lovely memories.

*I* have a refrigerator full of Proseco and amazing champagne. Everybody wins.



Tee hee! I can't wait to hear what a certain someone has to say about this.

It was great to see you again...nothing like a fibery get-together to make your weekend.


And I thought I was having fun! Maybe if I'd been in that awesome company I would have learned to spin!

Lee Ann

I have not even met the owner of that nametag yet, and I can't forget her.

Wish I had been there...wish you all would come up to Montréal and take over my livingroom...it would scare the crap out of my husband, but he's pretty good at covering it by making sure everyone's glass is full...


The funny thing is, my fiance joked Saturday morning that I was going to a cult meeting, and now he's even more convinced! I'm starting to worry that he's going to have me deprogrammed by taking my wool away.


Oh, that looks like it was FUN!


Soooo....should we all descend upon Lee Ann next, then? (I could have sworn I put a comment here this morning already, but maybe I'm just losing it more than I already realized....) Glad you had a great time!


That looks like it was one wonderful get together! I wish I lived closer

Mary Beth

Sounds like so much fun!

Lynne S of Oz

A house full of spinsters! Wow! I only know two other people who spin. (OK I belong to a guild but I don't know anyone there cos they meet on weekdays mostly, except the big monthly show and tell meeting on a Saturday morning and afternoon, which is also inconvenient)

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