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By the way - where are you? Can I come photograph your garden? I haven't taken flower pics in a while and your lilies are lovelies.


Are you all spinners, or fiber pushers :-).


Champagne? Did someone say champagne???


Hmmm, me thinks I'm seeing orange, er peach, er...ok, apricot. Orange and spinning fiber...it is everywhere.


Do you really..... nah. Not champagne.


I am lovin' your daylillies! And the rose? Perfect antidote to hot weather.


I'm feeling slightly guilty because the humidity lifted here today. But only slightly, because I'm sure it'll be back tomorrow, just in time for the guest from hell to arrive. I was able to get some work done today in relative comfort. It WAS almost 90, but because the humidity was not off the charts, it was bearable. And I wasn't able to get to the cleaning, which I do have to do tomorrow, before they arrive. Three guests, only one from hell. The other two are quite tolerable, but they are "taken" by the other two members of my family. I keep asking Abigail if I can go off with her boyfriend, but she's having none of it.

Damn, you have to share some of your lilies with me.


Champagne? No wonder your flowers look so happy!
I used to be morally opposed to pink wines, but French and Spanish rose has changed my mind.


Your Day Lilies are so beautiful ! I obviously need a bigger garden,
Wishing you,amd everyone else,a cooling breeze.


The daylilies are beautiful, especially Ms. Siloam. I love that color variation. Two more days of humidity and the weekend promises to be cooler!

Lee Ann

Aha, your rosé is from Côtes de Provence, where it should be from...

Yep, that's how we handle heat around here, too. It's really too bad that the only place to buy good wine is the provincial liquor store...I don't think small specialty stores are allowed to sell it here. Which means we are at the mercy of Québec for choosing wines, and that's not always a good thing...

Send me those sites. I'll bet you did already, but send them again. :-)


See, it was the "pre-blocking" that got me....

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