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my mom now, after many years of trying, has a blooming daylily population. (the years of trying were because yours truely thought peeling the buds like bananas was fun. It took her awhile to figure out that *I* was the one wrecking havoc with her plants...)


Your spinning looks great. Just so you know, I highlighted your blog under my "newly discovered" section. Hope you don't mind!

Lee Ann

Can't live with it or without it, and you can't shoot it either :-)

Beautiful beautiful work spinning!


Your flower pictures are just spectacular. I'm almost moved to trying my own hand at gardening.. just need the space and the time. Beautiful!

You'll get the plying, no doubt. Spinning and lace knitting both play the same role in calming my chattering monkey brain as well. Nice to be in good company.


Spinning and knitting are the focus our minds need to find calm and quite.
The Tiger Lily (we called it that, too) reminds me of my mother also. She had it all over her garden with the salmon glads. Our kitchen curtains and chairs were the same color. Maybe that's why I'm not a fan of orangey colored yarn.


As I was reading the first paragraph I was thinking "that's a Tiger Lily". It reminds me of hillsides near my grandparents' house.


I don't have any tiger lilies, either, although I must say I have looked at the neighbors' wistfully. It doesn't seem quite like summer without them, actually. I love your lily display, jealous of your spinning accomplishment.


Conflicts in previously problematic mother-daughter relationships my ass. You're just orange bashing. For shame. ;-)


Orange daylilies bring up bad memories for me too. The yellow ones are beee-utiful, as are the iris.

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