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The wine sounds delicious, the morning glory looks beautiful and garter stitch knitting is so simple - sounds like a good summer combo to me.


Just a local reader checking in for your comments contest. I used to be able to walk from work to the Newton - Washington St. Bread & Circus where you & Julia were spinning a few weeks ago. I love your garden pix as well as the knitting news.


Apropos of nothing, today I am wearing a top the color of your Morning Glory.


Neat flower. :)


The Morning Glory is breathtakingly beautiful. I love Morning Glories, but have been unable to grow them despite years of trying. Thanks for the pic....and the wine review. :)


The morning glory looks like fabric...so beautiful, too.
Go Garter!!


I love morning glories also, but am not allowed to have them here. They take over the yard, and then move on to your neighbor's yard. Sort of like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors.
Pierce Brosnan in a glass. Mmmmm....I may never look at old bordeaux in the same way.


ha ha! What Lorette said.

Off to find some red wine and dream about Remington Steele....


(insert big sigh here)

The morning glory is wonderful; I'm "home" at my parents house now, and love seeing how flowers "unfold" just before blooming, and how they usually grow out of the creases. (The best examples of this are the hibiscus that start the morning off as buds, then by mid-afternoon are in show-off mode, and it doesn't seem possible that they'll ever fold up again into a small-ish bud. But they do!)

The wines sound amazing; I'm fairly new to the world of good (read: some expensive, some much more affordable) wines, and look forward to someday having people who can appreciate it enjoy them with me. I'll be back to take notes.


(it was a contented sigh, really! :) )


Frankly, my dear, I'd rather have one of those actors than the wine!


As always a beautiful flower. I have that Elizabeth pattern as well and picked up some Patons Classic Merino in a brick red color for it. Someday it will perc up to the top of my ever lengthening queue. Looking forward to seeing yours progress.


You are most poetic today! Now I want some wine...or some Pierce Brosnan. Either/or.

Colleen P

Oh I love the Morning Glory! Thank you so much for the inspiration & iamges.


I am partial to the moonflower myself. Or..do you have nicotiana alata in that garden somewhere? There's a scent to make one reckless in the dark of a summer night.


Gorgeous morning glory! Hmmm i wonder if it could fight off the blummin mile-a-minute which keeps trying to enter my garden?

Lee Ann

I can't stand Pierce Brosnan but that wine, I'd do :-)

The Elizabeth bag's colour is really gorgeous!

Spinning anything lately? Get a...package...lately?


That morning glory is beautiful! I love the way you can still see the folds from where it opened up!

Lynne S of Oz

I'm with Lorette. No morning glories for us cos they never get knocked down by winter cold cos it doesn't get cold enough here.


What a pretty flower! I love how it looks like crumpled paper. Morning glories are banned in my garden too, until I find a way to keep them penned in a little...


Alas, I have no idea what you are talking about where the wine is concerned. My husband, however, would, although I don't know about the Pierce Brosnan thing. I am what my husband calls a "cheap date." I was born without the tastebuds for good wine (the "better" it is, the more like vinegar in my mouth) and prefer White Zinfandel. Mixed with Diet Sprite. Over ice. (Strangely, while I don't LIKE it, I can taste the most incredible things in the aforementioned "good wine" that hubby and the boys drink. Which drives them all mad.)

Laura J

I think this is a kind of wine commentary that could, and should, catch on. And I am going to keep my eyes peeled for ipomoea patensis because you describe it luciously and the picture agrees.


That look like a catalogue shot of a morning glory...beautiful. Makes me really wish my digital camera wasn't dead.


Why, oh WHY are you "ashamed" and "guilty" about knitting garter? Geesh, you people.

I love, love, LOVE the morning glory. Is it an annual? And the spider lily! I must look into that. Do you know its planting zones? I'm a marginal 4/3.

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