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Ahhh...spintelligent. I love it.

You won't go wrong with anything from Grafton Fibers. Really.

And yes, we show our skeins because we can. I often wonder if nonspinners really understand.

Lee Ann

Well, I'd better start spinning thinner now...you're all plying without me...


Ohhhhh, I need to enhance my daylily collection, CLEARLY.

I say #2 is apricot..pronounced the French way to make it more exciting.


It looks to me like your'e a natural at this whole making yarn business!


It looks great! I've been neglectful of spinning this last month . . . something I really need to address! I pulled out my drop-spindle last night and deplored how out of practice I was, and yet, I still enjoyed it. Need to get out some roving for my wheel, soon!


I detect orange dissing. And that would be sad.



That is one very spectacular skein of yarn...and you thought plying was tough! (Now do you see why I love my nostepinne? Great for travel, too.)


That's a gorgeous skein! It looks like you've really taken to spinning. My little drop spindle has fallen to the wayside a bit, you give me inspiration to pick it up again soon!


Oh my goodness, how lovely. Your past life is showing!

You *are* very luck to have a Rosemary to show you the ropes, so to speak. That girl can weild a noste like no one I've ever seen. It would be crude to confess I use a royal ball winder, I suppose. ;)


My dear, my very dear...you scorned the tools? Do you not know that if a tool exists it must be purchased and kept safe until its ultimate purpose is revealed to you - usually at 2 am, in a flash of blurry-eyed insight?

And the plying, she is fun, like going down a hill too fast.


Having had a nostepinde for several years I am in shock that you would think you could do without...and I don't use it to spin, or is that ply. You better be careful what you say about orange, too. There are many bloggers who think it's the only color and can make you sorry you don't like it...ask me how I know;-)


i understand completely about the daylily. i have 3 rose bushes that were purchased in early june, that have been languishing in my daughter's sled (the largest object i have that will hold water. i fill it up about twice a week, unless it rains. i WILL get these planted before summer's end, though. now, if they live through winter, it will be a miracle, lol

Lynne S of Oz

YARN! You made YARN! It looks like yarn, I bet it feel like yarn and even smells like yarn!
I should take a pic of my first wheel spun skein and show it off, only it is black and white and I hate black and white together.


WAIT! I'm writing this down! What do I need? A nose spinner? I didn't get one of those.

Man, I haven't even TOUCHED the roving yet and I'm already screwed.

Where's the MANUAL!?!?!?! I'm great if I can just read the manual!

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