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Rhinebeck??? HA! Too far away.

Lee Ann

Two words: "Portable Joy."

Just that phrase alone makes me feel like I need one.


Laurie..I am now owned by three wheels, so I do have some experience on the subject! The first was bought "cold"...I knew nothing about spinning, but husband liked the turnings on a Kromski Minstrel! I also now have a wonderful Kromski Symphony, which is a big, saxony wheel that spins like a dream. However, the one I would recommend (and Judith MacKenzie McCuin apparently agrees that it is the most versatile wheel out there) is the Lendrum Double Treadle. If you get the complete package, it comes with a huge plying head as well as a lace flyer. I don't use the lace flyer, can't live without the plying head. The Lendrum is solid maple, very clean lines....looks great in the living room. It also folds very quickly if you need to get it out of the way or into the car for a class or group. It spins like butter and is simply constructed so that replacement parts are easy to find at the hardware store. If you are planning to go to Rhinebeck, Gord Lendrum will be there at someone's booth and you can both try it and buy it that day. (If you order, you will wait!) Get the Woodland Woolworks spinning catalogue...the best discussion of wheel types I've ever seen.


just what I need - another excuse to do what you do. We buy spindles on the same day...wouldn't it be (fun? crazy? odd? planned?) great if we wound up buying wheels at the same time.

(I hope that you gave your husband a look and then explained the situation in terms of pictre-taking.... :) )


Love that clematis. Mine aren't open yet. It's pouring here. POURING. Don't know what the weekend holds in store, but the weeds sure are thriving.


In your defense, it is not yet summer, technically. I say knit what you want. :)


Better check those wheel links. You'll need them :)

Pretty knitting and very pretty flowers.


Don't worry about the knitting focus, the picture of the toad on the peony is gorgeous!


I thought about responding to your comment on Cassie's page, but instead hopped over here; you've got till August 14th-ish to set a date for a weekend wheel meet-up..... :-)


Marla is sooo cute.

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