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Hon, you tipped over the edge at Cummington. We just forgot to tell you.


Just . . . laughing!


Your little weatherpixie looks especially fetching this morning. (although why does it say it's only 68 F there? It's already 78 here, and deadly humid.) It must be the physics of spinning. Those wheels look fabulous all sitting there together!


I'm...speechless. And happy for you. And so glad to be here to see the transformation. (but mostly speechless. and happy.) This bodes well for me - I was able to resist the call of trying a spinning wheel yesterday and now that you've already gone ahead, I can observe from a distance and wait (let's make it mysterious and say I'll wait under cover of darkness, shall we?) until the right moment strikes me. I like this plan. (all of the people you mentioned are dangerous, but Rosemary has the simple and understated way of convincing me. Must. Stay. Away. From. Rosemary.)


Spinning surgical dressings, eh? I can't wait to see you knit with suture material. Apparently you were the only person in the blogosphere who didn't know you would buy a wheel.
Hope that first week back wasn't too terrible!


Not sure whether to give condolences or congratulations. You have been taken in lock, stock and barrel by the forces of Cassie. It's all good;-)

julia fc



So, which one are you getting? That, of course, was the operative question all along.


Thanks again for hosting! Looking forward to introducing you to Lucy on Wednesday.

Laura J

Cassie is probably one of the Secret Masters of the Universe. I hope I'm still on her good side. I know she hates this weather too; we must find out who her SuperVillain nemesis is and Get Him (or Her). Somewhere there's a mad scientist with a big shiny sphere or one of those electric Jacob's Ladder things who is increasing the humidity.


We'll see if your hypothesis works next winter when I ask for a really long January thaw.

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