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It is NOT out to get you. Although I would suggest locking it in at night. Just to be safe and all.


Does spinning hurt the foot? Or is it good therapy. I'm thinking this could be a good excuse. Must do PT now. I think I'll spin a while.
Work? Bahhumbug. Who needs work to fulfill when we have knitting/spinning? Really.


Renting a wheel -- such shocking and admirable restraint for blogland! ;)


Yes, really. Renting?? What self-control! I'm impressed.


my money's on you!

good idea to rent - let me know what you think of it. I think one of the enablers in MA had a Louet, and they really liked it. I never did find out if it was their first wheel.

my fingers are crossed you're having a good day back in the grind; I can't imagine going back into a working situation right now, but that's probably because I'm sick of thinking. :) I hope it's better then you thought it'd be, and your Foot is playing nicely with others.


Um, dear? That actually looks pretty good, that yarn sample you are holding up.

And I don't know if they taught you this in medical school, but what you know about doctoring is in your Head and in your Heart, not in your Foot, or even your foot.

You'll be ok.


It's just not fair to have all the time you like to knit and spin (well a lot of time, anyway) and then have it ripped away by THE JOB. Take time when you get home to do nothing else but spin...you deserve it.


Good luck at work! You'll do fine.
You can rent wheels?? Oh my god, I am doomed. The spinning fairy is calling to me...


looking and what you're holding there, my money is definitely on you. good luck with the back to work thing and I hope the Foot is the foot again shortly.


Keep at it. You'll get the hang of it. I had to ruin a good 8 ounces before I got something usable. The other stuff I would loosely call designer yarn. Yeah right.


Keep at it. You'll get the hang of it. I had to ruin a good 8 ounces before I got something usable. The other stuff I would loosely call designer yarn. Yeah right.

Lee Ann

I second Juno's comment about what's in your Head and Heart, and yours are particularly strong and worthy...

You rented a wheel. Why oh why did you have to say that...


Enjoy the wheel. Let me know if you want to test drive either of mine (Schacht and Joy Ashford). They're both very different from the Lendrum. Hope you survived the first day back at work and that it wasn't too awful.

lynne s of oz

Work? I had today off :-) Stocked up on spinning supplies. Oops. Am considering hiring a different wheel from my spinners' guild, ty some out before I upgrade from the traddy I got in January....
Wheels are dangerous. Before you know it you have Too Much Handspun yarn sitting around saying KNIT me! (or as some of mine is now doing SELL me!)


Before I put my money down on either you or the wheel, what odds are you paying?

Cindy D

I learned on a Louet the first time I spun. It's a good all purpose wheel for spinning although the pull on the fiber can be strong. I love it for plying while I spin most of my singles on a Schacht or my Country Craftsman saxony wheel. I found though that I could spin very a very fine grist with the Louet when I took off the brake and crisscrossed my singles on the hooks on both sides to slow down the uptake. Hang it there...it's all worth it!!

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