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I still maintain my position that a wheel would add to your range of toe movement, thereby speeding up physical therapy and your recovery. Very good investment.

Whoops. What I meant was, you should go and look and get some ideas before buying, and make a decision in the fall. Around Rhinebeck time. ahem.


Don't listen to her - the wheel will choose you, you are just the conduit.

I used to ice massage my face - supposed to be good for the skin, but mostly it gave me a wicked sinus headache, plus I looked like an idiot hopping up and down, shrieking in self-inflicted pain.

Nothing makes my trainer happier than a report of the pain he has caused me. If I come in and he says "How were your legs" and I say "not bad" it just crushes him - and next time he crushes me.

Change is brutal indeed, but you know the only alternative is a Very Bad Thing.


Life is hard, get a wheel? Is that what you're saying? I might have to stay away from my new spindle and go knit. My trainer thought I was stronger yesterday. I say it's the wool;-)


Ice massage; I understand. My ice of choice has been cubes in a baggie, crushed, then put it in the palm of my hand. I think it helps because the annoyance of the freeze takes your mind off the original pain.
On Armand: Can I go with you? I'm thinking I need a trainer. With that kind of motivation, I might learn to love exercise.


Uh, thanks for the purple clematis photo, but my attention was a wee bit distracted by that darker number above......Suddenly I want to exercise. Where do I sign up?


Oooo. Armand.


Listen to Cassie. Both of her.


Good lord, I just added up to 285 on that scale, at least that was back when I was still planning a wedding on top of everything. Good thing we postponed, that knocks 50 points off my score. :)

The ice massage sounds brutal. Still, think about how far you've come!

lynne s of oz

Ah the stress scale. Sometimes to relieve stress you have to make changes! I am up around 300 on that scale - it might explain why I like spinning so much at present and knitting my sock.... And why I need to make changes, like let my almost qualified PT friend practise on me.
Ice massage sounds yucky.


I like to avoid change at every possible moment, and also denial is helpful. Plus, if those don't work, I know I can always pitch a hissy like you have never seen. HATE CHANGE.

Yet, my daddy says the only thing you can count on is change.

Damn father-platitudes that are true!!

Hope you are well and happy and not too stressed out to sniff some yarn.

julia fc

Is it change, or return to former fitness?
My garden is edging toward summer too, peonies finally gone by, with kousa in bloom and roses under full sail.

Lee Ann

THAT is your trainer???


And yes, I tried ice massage when I had stress fractures in both ankles from running. Who the hell knew you could have icecream foot-arch aches? Supposedly that intense icecream ache in the head is what happens when you have a migraine. Oh, yeah, that's therapeutic, alright...a migraine in the Foot. Awesome.

I'd take the trainer any day of the week. :-)

SF Knitter

is that your trainer or your DH?

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