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Stunning, aren't they?


The irises (sp?) in my yard are looking beautiful, too.


I wish I had some of those...someday I'll have a house, with a garden, right? Med school ends someday, right??? I'm so close to my exam day (15th), I'm starting to get nervous...

Lee Ann

An iris called Superego? That is just too good...

I want to make a garden on my balcony...meanwhile, I stare into the neighbor's garden, which has garden art that boggles the mind...They used to have a truck accident (toy trucks) in one tree, but the tree had to be taken out, so now they merely have the skulls on pikes, oven grate and fender sculptures, and a doll's head on the handle of a huuuge pitchfork blade sticking out of the ground. They also have the most gorgeous daylilies, and I'm not a lily fan, but these are lovely :-) Irises too...

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