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Remind me about when your poor foot is back to normal? Thanks for the med advice, I'm sort of feeling better, but not great. And speaking of Red Sox, I'm off to the game, and the weather is really lovely! Whoo! Boards be dammned.

Laura J

We in the NH SCRAP spinning community call it 'going over to the Fuzzy Side of the Force." Light or dark depends w=on what color wool you use, doesn't it? (Or maybe if you're using the socially transgressive direction to spin/ply in, like S-Z instead of Z-S)...

Good luck with foot. Nice garden.


I like the idea of us doing something intimidating and mysterious and magical with the spindles. The dark side indeed....


Thanks for the comment on my blog. I have a drop spindle...but have never persevered to really learn it...I should really pick it up again and be more patient with myself! Thanks again!


Maybe nobody commented because it WAS physical therapy and they're used to people doing all sorts of strange activities there??


Love the sock. Kristen is right. Get that second sock done!

I've done spindle spinning in public, most recently during a 30 minute wait at Secaucus train station. I did get a few questions, but mostly from the mentypes who are just so intrigued by the mechanics of it all. Reminds me of my father the first time he saw me spinning at the wheel. He made me first stop so he could check the thing out and then go very slowly so he could really see how it worked.

Enjoy the magic of spinning. Dark side, light side. Remember, without the dark we couldn't see the light. No spinny, no yarny!


If I spun in public everyone would think it was a comedy act!
Love the pictures of your garden unfolding and coming out to play.


Maybe knitting just lends itself easily to superstition. On a recent flight that experienced a lot of turbulence, and which had a very bad landing (there was a brief moment when I believe that everyone on board actually believed we were going to crash, though we did not), I couldn't help thinking, "As long as I keep knitting this scarf, we'll be just fine." It made no sense, but there it was. And we were just fine.

Lynne S of Oz

The magic sock! or sock magic! I've got SSS bad and need a reason to knit the second sock but I don't want to have to damage my foot to get the inspiration!
Sounds like your garden is totally fabulous now that summer is nearly there for you. The transformation must be amazing. our peonies are very pretty.


Two comments. I have been empathizing with your healing process as I am STILL not 100% recovered from an ankle fracture that happened nearly three years ago! I was delighted when someone told me it took her five years to recover from her broken ankle...it gave me hope! As for spinning in public, I'm not good enough on the spindle to dare, but I have taken my wheel with me on two occasions when I had to sit and man a table at a craft fair....no one ever comments! One little boy came and stared at me for the longest time, and all he had to say to his mom was "Look, it says CANADA!" (Which is stamped on the back of my Lendrum.) Everyone else just walks by. ??? Anyway, good wishes for a speedy recovery.


I'm glad the sock is coming along and can't wait to see it on your foot!

as for spinning in public, the best I've done thus far is my parent's den. I've considered taking it to school with me next week during boards, but I'm afraid people will ask me questions and the knitters will want to give it a try; chances are pretty good I'm going to want to have some quiet time by myself, and anything that brings people over is not a good thing! (the whole darkside/light side thing is interesting; I have some thoughts on the matter but they need to wait until next week!) I hope the pt is helping and you're progressing faster then you thought you would....enjoy the sun this weekend!

General Ginger

LOL! In any case I'm glad that you are healing. The socks are quite lovely and so are your flowers.


Hi, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! I am learning to spin too....or actually relearning (I learned how to spin in college way, way back).

I can hook you up with a chicken. Drop me an email.

Lee Ann

No, THAT is the funniest thing anyone has ever said about spinning..."That, or they fear it is a Buddhist religious ritual, and if they disturb me, the string breaks, and somebody dies. No wonder nobody said anything. They were all afraid it was THEM."

Ohhh boy. When I finally get this spindle in the mail, I'm taking it to the waiting room in the neurosurgeon's office. What do you bet I get surgery scheduled REAL fast... ;-)))

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