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Schacht, huh? Pretty nice. But, go for the double treadle. Everyone in my spinning group who started with single (and several have Schacht Matchless) have upgraded to double. And then there's me, with the foot. I CAN'T use single. Just saying.


DT - I mean, I know nothing, but the dead spot on the single treadle messes with my head.

Also, pretty, pretty fiber.

I want lessons. I wonder if there's a guild around here?


I personally think the reason I have not yet bonded with my wheel is that it is single-treadle. So I say go with the double. I might be looking to trade my wheel in for something else, or get it changed to a double.


I've got one of each type, a ST and a DT. DT is great if you have back or sciatica-type problems as you can sit directly in front of the wheel and have your weight evenly distributed on your butt. I personally have never had issues with my ST, although it does take a little more practice to restart the wheel when you stop since you have to depress the treadle a bit more to complete a wheel revolution. Either way you go, Schachts are nice wheels. I'm glad to answer any questions - just email me.


I'm no actual help for having experience with either, but I know (just from watching people spin) that I want a DT. Liz's wheel (pocketfarm) is set up that both treadle's can turn the wheel, so it's much like having the option to single treadle (I'm not sure if that makes sense - I had to see it to fully understand it). (I think that'd be the best of all worlds.)


Question: Is spinning a better drug than those Laurie passes out? Discuss amongst yourselves....

Warning: opinions ahead!

I don't think it makes any sense to get a ST Schacht. With a castle-type wheel with the flyer directly over the wheel), there is only one position that you can spin in....straight on to the wheel. The best argument for a single treadle is that with Saxony type wheels (flyer to the right or left of the wheel) and a single treadle one can move around a bit more and change one's spinning position, treadling foot, etc. IMHO, this isn't true for castle wheels so I can't really think of a justification for a ST there.


I am (sigh) apparently the last defender of the humble single treadle wheel. (That said, I have a Saxony wheel, not a castle, so Claudia's very clever remarks apply completely). I love single treadle because:
- the wheel is less complicated and I am more likely to be able to fix anything gone wrong with a piece of string and a screwdriver.
- less parts, less parts to break.
-I feel like I have greater control over speed and tension. (This may be an illusion)
-I love simple things.
-I find it less tiring.

Finally, and most importantly, when I spin on a single treadle, I sit still with only the treadle leg moving. When I use a double treadle (perhaps because I am short?) the movement of both legs leaves me somewhat unsteady and I sway (rather drunkenly) back and forth. I could live with this, except that the double treadle movement swings my hair from side to side....thus prompting nearby people (like my family, who clearly only pretend to love me) to say "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha".
Can't do it.


You know what I think.


I'd vote for the DT, too, but warn you that I'm biased--I've only had double-treadles. I like the balanced movement and the fact that the dead-spot problem is minimal. And it's like riding a bike! (Once you learn, you won't forget.) (grin)


My goodness you are so gone...gone over the edge, grrlfriend. It makes me wonder if I should have bought that spindle at Estes. I'm meeting with Susan and Anne on Saturday while they put together Susan's new wheel. I'm going to spindle spin...maybe. I'm getting more and more worried about this.


I just bought a DT Schacht--it is to die for! I'd only used ST wheels before, perfectly fine, trustworthy, charming in their own ways Saxony wheels. But I'm putting on the motorcycle helmet and riding off into the sunset on my DT!

lynne s of oz

I'd go the double treadle unless you really like treadling away madly with one leg then the other. I've got the same sort of wheel as Steph (Ashford traddy), only mine's older and I think the treadling effort is lower on DT.


i prefer DT to ST. i was taught on ST, and then given the chance to try DT, and fell in love. there's something so much more symmetrical about double treadling, and you won't get the dreaded big calf from a ST. and you work out both legs!

seriously though, i do think DT is better.

my 2 cents worth


I've heard of the big calf thing, but I think you'd have to do a LOT of spinning to get unbalanced legs.

I figured since I was referenced by Kristen, I might as well introduce myself. :) I have a Majacraft and they only make DT. I love it. I learned on a ST, and was against DT for the trendiness factor. I fell in love with the Maja and reconciled myself to having a DT. I always hated having to give the wheel a push with my hand if I stopped treadling on the ST. With the DT you can easily restart with a flick of the foot. Yes, you can use one treadle if one leg gets tired, but that's doesn't really happen.

It seems with the Schacht and the large treadle that the ST may be better operated with both feet, anyway, so if you're going to work with both legs they may as well have separate jobs. Does that make sense?


Just out of curiosity, what kind of drop spindle did you buy? I got a big Schacht one, which is nice, but I'm sort of thinking I need a littler one for trying to make finer yarns. I found myself afraid to really draft the hell out of my fibers, the way Kristen says I should, because of the bigness of the spindle.

Lee Ann

DT because then you can use it as physical therapy too. Your trainer will be thrilled. I'm sure this qualifies as aerobic activity if you're using both feet...

Cindy D

I would also vote for the DT Schacht. I have one and I am very happy with it.That being said there is something to be said about both types check out these links to help you make your decision:



All I read was the title of the post and the first line (my spindle cost $42 too) and then I think I blacked out. Really. I don't remember anything after that.

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