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We ain't got no Wisteria up in these 'ere frozen-tundra parts. It's sooooo purty.


It is beautiful. The flowers are so delicate and the fragrance so rich. It is the one flower that I search for each spring just to see up close. Do you think I'd make it back there in time to see it if I left right now? ;-)


So, it takes a fair amount of bullying. I've been trying to decide if one is in my future. I think I'm mean enough.


Luckily for you, I don't think threatening wisteria is a crime.

And you seemed like such a nice girl...



It's breathtaking. I think the tough love paid off.


Stunning. Clearly worth all the tough love and hard work. I'm trying to decide if I'll be in my current home long enough to commit to putting one in, or if I should stick to cute pink annuals.


It looks beautiful! Gardening is one thing I have no personal interest in doing (plus, you know, allergies), but I love seeing other peoples' and always enjoy seeing the beauty they help create. It's gorgeous. From the photos, your garden must be just lovely.


Beautiful! Gardening is SO like knitting -- involves patience, cursing and leaps of faith.

Lynne S of Oz

Wow - you promised something that was lovely and you more than delivered! What a gorgeous wisteria!


Oh my, that is a beautiful wisteria, and a great photo.


The wisteria is absolutely gorgeous! You've definitely put the fear in it!


spectacular - i wish i had thought to do that with mine... it is just a big snargled up mess (although this year, for the first time after 5 years, there is ONE flower on it).


oh i love your wisteria! so beautiful!

i used to volunteer at a local history museum in Holyoke MA called Wisteriahurst. The whole front porch of the mansion is covered in it. so so gorgeous!


you made me laugh over your draconian comments. it's very true though. and i've cursed at a tomato plant or 2, and gotten tomatoes shortly afterward. amazing, don't you agree? maybe it's just the extra co2, lol

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