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you are so lucky to have a knitting buddy from a previous generation. enjoy her.


What a wonderful picture of your aunt, and how cute that she loves the self-striping Noro. I think its your duty to keep her in these fun, new yarns so she can knit happily.

As to your recreating your mistake? hee. No comment.


Your aunt is a beautiful lady. Go knitting!


I love that you trailed yarn in front of her until she caved and started knitting again.


What a great story about your aunt! My mom's sister is also the last one of her generation, in her 80's, and she's the one who taught me to knit the first time decades ago.
I also like the part about recreating your mistake for your readers. We are indeed a weird bunch.


Your aunt is a beautiful woman! How wonderful for you to have her in your life and how fun for her that you are in hers.
Recreation of error....hmmmm. That might take the cake;-)


That is a wonderful story. She sounds and looks like a pistol. Keep her knitting!


That's wonderful about your Auntie!


Oh, that's sweet! And--the recording our mistakes thing? My only, small consolation last night when I realized I wouldn't be able to finish my Peacock shawl was that at least it would make a good blog entry! I think maybe we all, collectively, need help . . . (grin)


Your aunt is amazing! Good for her and you...

Laura J

I am glad to see you valuing that relative. I am short on them and neither of my parents nor their one sibling apiece knits (no cousins and no siblings myself, either).So Sarah with her extended family and everyone who has likeable relatives -- I like to see you enjoying them. And them, you.


what a comeback! that's great. it's hard to watch someone you love stop doing what they love because of a death. i'm sure she's feeling much better now that she has wool in hand. and i'm sure she's feeling more connected to your mother, too. i always feel closer to my grandmothers when i have yarn in hand (one taught me to crochet, and the other taught me to knit).


What a role model! I want to be your Aunt Cele when I'm 92.

Lee Ann

Your persistence has reached legendary proportions...aunt-back-to-knittingwise and must-photograph-mistakewise...

Aunt Cele is beautiful. The scarf is gorgeous. You both are lucky, lucky people :-)

lynne s of oz

Your Aunt Cele looks like a great old bird. What a treasure! I hope my grandma in law, another great old bird, will be kicking along so well at 92!
What yarn are you making Marla out of? Knitting a swatch to show us the wrong Marla is umm a bit odd, I do agree. ;-)


the picture of your aunt seems to say it all; she is a beautiful woman with eyes that look like they have seen a lot. I wish I had relatives who knit and spin who were still alive - I would treasure that type of connection.


Aunt Cele is so beautiful! I love this story, and... OH CRUD, you made me cry!

Listen, email me if you want some variegated yarn to come Aunt Cele's way from another secret pal... I have something perfect for her in mind. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!

Thanks for writing it :)


Aunt Cele is a treasure.
You're a treasure.
And this story...yup.


My godmother (my great aunt) taught me to knit and when I knit, it's like she's still here and I can still "talk to her" while knitting. Her daughters are amazed that I knit so fast, knit while reading/watching/ridiing just like she did. It makes me happy to remember this gift she gave me. :) I am glad you have some happy knitters in your family!

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