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I have one of those plastic swifts. Someday I'll splurge on a wooden one, but this one works just fine, I have to admit. It also provides endless hours of entertainment for the cat.
The MS&W folks are probably still sleeping off their yarn-buying hangover.


Whew...for a minute I thought you were going to say we had to wind everything by hand.


Oooh, congrats on the swift! They make things so much easier. Love your puns, and thanks for that very scientific comparison. Makes me feel so much better about winding my yarn...


Oy, I feel soooo relieved to get the scientific explanation. Well, maybe not so much. But it was fun anyway, if a bit knotty. ;-)


Its funny how men dig the whole swift/winder combo. My BF was very taken with both, and seemed impressed that I owned such a contraption.

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