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I'm actually kind of tickled that in spite of your never having posted a real picture of yourself, your crutches and cute shoe are going to give you away.

I think the universe is with me on this.


Hey - lipstick yes, you know someone is going to take your picture. And post it.

Syncopated brioche - the flame stitch is pretty, but the brioche more manly, I think. I like the faggoting stitch a LOT but I guess I can see why he'd think it made him look fat...so to speak.

Have fun.


I'm with Juno on the scarf - syncopated brioche gets my vote. That yarn is going to make any stitch look awfully handsome, though!


Yup, another member of the herd: Syncopated Brioche is my vote.

Have fun!


Hey, tell him that I lived in England and faggotting is NOT for faggots. (there -- helped your google hits a little, I imagine!) And you must remember my story about my British friend asking a New York cabbie if it was ok if he had a fag in the backseat, no?

Anyhoo, that leafy one is no good for a guy. It must be the brioche. But he might be ultimately happiest with (don't shoot me) a plain ribbed stitch. You do want him to wear it, right? Then you must make him something he WILL wear.


i vote for the brioche too. is that the cashmere from the ebay guy in the UK? i'm gonna have to try some of that out.


Love the Brioche.


ditto to the other commenters - I actually like the one he intially picked out the best, but the brioche stitch is a close second.

(as for the spindle shopping, I was going to try the laid back, take in all the reccomendations and take the time to really look at my options before buying one; I suppose I should watch and see how you do it, the follow your lead! :) See you tomorrow!)


Brioche, like the masses. It's more masculine. :) The flame looks too much like leaves. Lovely yarn!

Janice in GA

Syncopated brioche. It looks like a fun pattern too.
And spindle shopping is hella fun. Wish I could shop with y'all!


Ok, there you go bragging again...bags and bags of wool..jeezz. And that Cassie, taking you (willingly!) to the dark side? Seriously...have a great time.
Brioche, grrl...he'll love it.


Brioche. Very boy.

You know, they sell wheels there too....

Just sayin'.


I really like the leaf pattern, but the other one might be considered more "manly"... if he's worried about that.


Brioche. I'm with the rest of the pack. And not spinning!! I have been trying to convince myself that I do NOT under any circumstances need to pick up another hobby that takes up a whole wing of my house, and here you go, starting with this. Are you getting a drop spindle? Or are you going with a wheel??
And I'd go with lipstick AND mascara. You know your picture is going to be on somebody's blog.


Another unoriginal answer, but I think the brioche stitch is better for the man-scarf. I do really like the lace pattern the best though, despite the name!

Have fun at the festival, and I can't wait to see what you come back with!


I like the one whose name is unsaid. Although, I don't know exactly why the name is unsaid, since I can't read the caption.

And I vote for the red yarn.


The syncopated brioche gets my vote too.
Congrats on the weight-bearing - feels good, huh!


I like the brioche stitch. With the red yarn and candle-flame . . . too "girly" a combination!

Lynne S of Oz

Baaaaa! Baaa! (That's Australian merino talk for the brioche stitch)
There has to be a really good use for crutches, apart from the obvious. Tripping up all the other spinners might be one use, and they can be pretty handy in a scrap at the spindle stall....

Teresa C

I agree with the girly look of the red flame. BTW-I forgot to look for you on crutches, I think I saw you today. Unless it was some other poor woman on crutches. Bummer, I would have said hey. Next time. By then you'll be running and I won't be able to keep up with you ;)


Wow, congratulations on being weight-bearing!! I can't wait to join you in that category.

I vote for the second stitch pattern.

Lee Ann

I, too, vote for the second stitch pattern, though if the yarn were a different, darker colour, my elf...I mean husband...would have voted for the flame stitch. But we both love the syncopated brioche for this colour. Lucky, lucky guy.

Though I think the faggoting would have been even better. And I'm not even saying that to get you funnier Google hits. Much. ;-)


Brioche stitch or the first one he picked out.


oh, i like the flame stitch better, for myself, but i suppose if you're knitting for someone male...it may not be the best. go with brioche i suppose, good luck with the decision *giggle*

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