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I do think it would be best if you just stopped; that kind of power is a little creepy. ;-)

Were you using Mountain Goat for the Pineneedle sock, or am I hopelessly behind? The one sock I ever did that gave me absolute fits was done in Mountain Goat, and I did indeed give up on it. Still have the yarn, but mohair and me and dpns wasn't a happy trio.


Good lord, that's a stunning tree. (And I hear you -- in dispatch, it's the dreaded "boy, isn't it quiet tonight?" All the 911 lines light up and the person who said it has to buy coffee when it finally slows down.)


There is a Knitting Goddess and she is vengeful.

Just sayin'.

Liz Cadorette

BLESS YOU for putting Stevie Wonder in my head first thing on a grey, rainy Washington morning! WOOHOO!

I, too, have been bitten right in the arse by the Knitting Dieties, since I'd been going on and on about what projects were cast on, what I was most in love with, etc - and do you know that I don't think I've a single project on the needles right now that I don't have to frog at least a little, if not altogether?

Also, as an EMT, I can sympathize with you on a call jinxes...there's a "Q" word in our squad station that you're not EVER allowed to utter in any context, lest you never. sleep. again. :)


Thoughts create. It isn't superstitious stuff either. Have you seen the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know???" ? Check it out and you will see what is going on.


Aha! Another knitting medical type! Glad to see your blog - and yes, I totally believe in your superstitious comments. And white clouds and dark clouds do exist, too - luckily, I'm a white cloud. :)

Janice in GA

When I worked in computer repair, we'd have the same thing. You could never say, "It's been a good week -- no big hard drive failures!" because in the next 5 minutes, you'd get THREE.
The corollary to this is also never to state that something is absolutely fixed. If somebody asks how the printer you worked on for an hour is, you just say "So far, so good!" That way you don't tempt the Machine Gods to wrath. :-)


It must be the action-reaction thing going on. It happens to us all...we DO have power?
The tree looks like Lilies of the Valley flying high.

Lynne S of Oz

Love your pics of the new green leaves of spring. We have the shades of autumn here.
Want another superstition? Here in Melbourne, Oz, if you don't carry an umbrella during winter and spring (and sometimes other times as well) it is *certain* to rain. Lots. Viciously, even! It is just the way it is.


Superstition - sometimes I just think it is human beings afraid their happiness will be taken away from them. We don't want to attract the malignant eye of Fate in case she wants to punish us for enjoying ourselves.

I do it it too - but I'm trying to make a practice of - quietly - enjoying the good stuff.


I love that you host such large copies of your pictures as pop-ups. Great to be able to see so much detail!

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