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julia fc

The Scarf is lovely,and I was hoping for a model shot, even if it is destined for other necks, just for some perspcetive on the "long enough" call.


I know what you mean about the weather. It was bright and sunny when I got out of bed, just long enough to get me dreaming about what we could do with a lovely day. I'm not even showered yet, and it's cloudy and looks to be a grey rainy one. Again.
I vote for the "model shot" too. Get that spousal unit to take a picture.


We FINALLY have sun and it is going to warm into the 80's. That means flooding is emanate...it's always something (the universe says that, too, no?)
Gift knitting is a delicate dance but it can change the nature of relationships for the better, at least in my experience.
Marla is so very cool.

Janice in GA

I gotta ask: when did "gifting" become a word? What's wrong with "giving"? Just curious.


Beautiful scarf - and I hear what you're saying about the need for a mutual respect needed for satisfactory gifting (hey, it's a woid) -- as well as receiving. I've received gifts that made me realize how little the gifter (yeah) knew me. And it's such a good feeling to give someone something that you know will be loved, as well as having the time and effort that went into the gift appreciated. It's rare when it all comes together like that -- count yourself (and the recipient [giftee?]) lucky. Oh, and Mahla is looking Mahvelous, dahling.


I love the sheen in the Marla yarn. That must compensate a little bit for the lack of sunlight. :)


The Yumi scarf looks beautiful; that color pink is one of those shades that I'm always on the lookout for - not too bright or too pale. (how did you get the background so black for the picture?) The Marla sweater looks great (what yarn are you using?) and I'm glad you've cast on for the second sock!!!

(congrats on being hardware free if I read it right!)

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