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Roomba sounds positively creepy. Hope that something happens soon (wisteria?) that will make you do something besides jump up and down, which couldn't be good for the foot.

We've got wisteria all over here. And lilac. But I probably shouldn't taunt you anymore, should I?


I LOVE wisteria. I saw some blooming here on Sunday but now it will be drowned. We had snow this morning in the high bench areas...like 6"!!
Two weeks isn't far off...you're doing well and it will be SO worth being good to have your foot back. That Roomba could be very entertaining...from the sounds of it.


OK I had to look up the Roomba thing. That is just creepy. I can imagine Stephen King writing a story about one of these. I can't stand the thought of appliances that are smarter than I am (which admittedly doesn't take much). I want wisteria over my patio; it's in the grand plan.


Typepad is back. They had a server problem...although you might have got that message too.

Sorry about the foot.


I'm pretty sure I met you tonight, in Acton, getting books signed by the Harlot. I'm another knitting medical student, not Kristen! Anyway, wanted to say that I've found your blog and added it to my list!


My fiance has been pestering me to get him a Roomba for a while now. Maybe I should break down and buy one. But then I'd have to clean all the clutter off the floor. Perhaps that's incentive enough to buy one, eh?

I'll probably be joining you with the one-legged exercising soon -- I'm having knee surgery on Thursday. Good luck with your recovery.

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