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Lovely peony!

Back when I was a kid, we had a book by Anais Nin at the lake. (We're not sure how it got there, but there it was.) My brother and I had a game. We'd open the book to a random page, to see if we could find one that wasn't about sex. We never did.

My brother and I played some strange games...


okay, that's nice, but I want more about your spindle! more about the yarn you've made, and how it's going. More about how amazing your singles look (I'm embracing my thick and thin spots and giggle every time I get another section spindled.) More about how your husband bought a spindle (?!?!?!) and when the official published odds will be put out regarding you and a wheel. (I'm with Claudia that it'll be by Labor Day :) I've got a few (pretty good) pics of you as well, but will wait until I see what you post first. (I heard you asking others about the fiber frolic - is there a chance you'll be there too?) :-D


I'm with Kristen, I want to see the spindle, and see the one your hubby got! He's really into the tools of the trade, huh?


My favorite! Peonies! Did you grow them? They're gorgeous.....


Once again, I love your photography.


I love that - ain't it the truth.

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