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Cashmere is like crack. Enuf said.


Uh-oh. Cashmere. That's the hard stuff! So far I've managed to resist to the extent that I've only used BLENDS with cashmere, but . . . ooooh . . . that stuff is Tempting with a capital T.


That stuff looks seriously lovely. So far I've managed to resist cashmere, but it's only a matter of time.


Yumi's scarf looks great, and I think I can almost feel it through my monitor! I've got some Cashmere stashed for a rainy day... every now and then I get it out and pet it.


that pink scarf is heavenly.


Oh that cashmere sounds so wonderful. Being addicted to yarn is a 'good thing':-)
Looking forward to the 'garden party' and seeing Marla as she progresses.
I love the way you write and that new button is just a hoot!!


Okay, I realize I'm commenting on a fairly old entry, but I have to tell you, I know exactly what you mean about Yarn. And that cashmere is Yarn indeed. That even comes across in the photo. Very beautiful.

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