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Lee Ann

Just what I needed to start my morning: a Bill Cosby flashback...thank you! :-)


I think it's easy to believe in superstition, if only because random things DO happen and they sometimes happen with such amazing (or appalling) timing that you can't help but think that some one or some thing had a hand in it, whether for good or ill. The sun breaking through a cloud at the moment of a wedding vow; a tire going flat as you're rushing for a once-in-a-lifetime event; an important call that rings JUST before you walk out of the door for a week's vacation. These are random events without necessarily carrying any cosmic weight of fate with them . . . but sometimes the timing is so miraculous--or diabolical--is it any wonder that we and our ancestors suspected a hidden hand? Doesn't mean it's true, but sometimes it's nicer to think it! (And the whole knock-on-wood thing to scare away bad luck when you say something like "The weather's been perfect all week, I hope it hold through the weekend"? I do that--what can it hurt?)


We look for answers that make our pain and joy part of something larger than ourselves, to give it meaning. But more and more I think the meaning is at the macro level.
Look closely, look inward, look to home.

Today, anyway.


Trying to control everything, even explain everything...there's the rub. Acceptance of what is without judgement, without blame, without wishing for change. Learn to let it be...it's all good.


I love the Cosby reference! I had that bit on record eons ago, when they actually made records.
Joseph Campbell did this subject of mythology to death. Read the Masks of God if you have a long winter and a lot of time; it's excellent, and delves into how the beliefs of one generation or culture get incorporated into the next.


even I, (too young some may say) recognize the Noah comment! You've given me even more to think about in your last two posts; the familiar (yet personal) ceremonies and the icons and the superstitions and relgious questions have all been floating around in my head. Have you seen "What the *&%^ Do We Know?" I enjoyed it, and think I'm going to need to see it again (and again and again) in the future.


"if you don't like it, I'll take it right out?" My god. The depth of the human soul.

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