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That lace tree is beautiful. Your yard looks peaceful. Looks like you have figured out the best way of blocking and hopping, with a tea pot no less. Good luck with the surgery tomorrow. Do you need to keep hopping after that?


The scarf is gorgeous! I'm sure she will love it.
Good luck tomorrow.


That indeed was an instructive comment. My hubby's comment on the metal top was: "are you sure that's finished? I see strings hanging." Yup, uneven knitting at its finest.


All the hophophopping is exhausting. :)
My thoughts are with you as you get metal-less. Here's to good health. And no hopping in your near future!


Hahaha, that is funny. The same thing happened to me this weekend with Cassie. I picked up the Harlot Handspun scarf to show it to her, and she was all over my ass saying, "You should bind that off and wear it. Now." Of course, I didn't have crutches - only a poor pathetic doggy in my arms - so SHE bound it off and I wore it. It's nice to have a personal servant, really it is. You should try it out. ;-)


I love that pattern, what is it?? Good luck on your upcoming removal of hardware event, I'm crossing my fingers for you!


That's a beautiful scarf! Congratulations on a gorgeous job, and good luck with the hardware removal!


The Yumi scarf looks really beautiful. Funny, isn't it, how when you're slogging away at things and then all of a sudden, its enough. You lose track of time when knitting lace - at least I do. It goes into some deeply meditative zone and before you know it, you're done.

Good luck with the surgery today. Sending good thoughts your way!

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