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This is, without a doubt, one of the happiest days of my life. Welcome.



Cassie and Claudia are the two best pushers from the dark side. Now to see how quickly you become proficient. Sigh.


Well, look at you hobbling around Cummington. I wish I wish I had gone. Sigh.
claudia taught me to spin a spindle too! She is the best teacher around. She loves to suck people in, er, encourage people!
Loved the learning picture.


Oh man, I wish I had been there. I'm just not going to be able to put spinning off much longer. I might as well just build another room onto the house now. "Resistance is futile".


Congratulations, and welcome to spinning!!


I don't know. I *could* be chortling louder than Cassie.


Lynne S of Oz

Wow! Now we know what men really want - a spindle to spin on! ;-) My husband sometimes looks at my spinning wheel - he wants to spin on it but I ususally have a pile of tops dangling off it. Congrats on joining The Dark Side! (Both of you!) You realise forever will it dominate your destiny?


Congrats and welcome to the world that is spinning. I enjoyed meeting you and your very cool husband at the festival. I'm glad I was able to lend assistance and knowledge in this new and twisted endeavour.

You bought some very nice fibers at the festival and I look forward to watching your progress!


Perhaps we should commit to getting together to spin our very similar loot together sometime soon. Remember--if it stays together it is yarn. Drop me a line when you need a plying lesson.

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