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Juno did have an excellent post today. Your Hotei brings a smile to my face and the cermony you have when he reappears in the garden. I wish you the blue skies and sun we have now but please don't send back the rain. I'm SO not looking at that Ebay link!


We here in New England will shortly all be turning to the bottle if it doesn't STOP RAINING.


Your ceremony of wine and warm weather is wonderful! What a refreshing and happy ritual :)


Whew! I was worried there for a minute when I saw those wine glasses outside. I like your Hotei; and I looked at the Ebay link. Now you've done it. I'll have to go buy some.

Lee Ann

His face is wonderful. He also looks very happy to have been given not one but two glasses of wine ;-)

You and Juno have totally destroyed my resolve to work out of my stash alone. Laceweight cashmere in red, in black, in whatever I want. I'm officially screwed. But in a good way :-)

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