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julia fc

Ah, great links (I can only read two now, the other I'll save) Thanks so much.
I totally agree about the #5 local factor. I have been thinking about sheep as domesticated creatures in prep for a vegan knitting post, and while I like to think of shearing festivals and the like as a great pagan rite and connection to the animals and the seasons, I know that most of the yarn I buy comes from a great nether world of industrial-level animal farming. The fiber I feel good about comes from shepherds I know personally.


When I started blogging I had no idea that the connections I made with other bloggers and knitters would be so much like 'real' friendships.
I've decided to be 'bitter' about not being with all those other knitters who are going to MSWF...we'll be alone together.
Julia's right about yarn. I love our local shops but buying yarn from the person who spun and dyed it is a very special connection.


Will you be walk-enabled by Cummington a/k/a Mass. Sheep & Wool? I'll bet you would really like that fair. Small, local....


I am partial to local wool, too. I realized early on that one of the main reasons I got involved in knitting was because of an almost primal, back-to-basics, tactile need. I love seeing the actual sheep from which my wool came. And you are spot on about this weekend being all about the relationships. I, too, have absolutely no need for any more fiber -- it's the people I want to see.


I'll be around this weekend, too. I don't think it's actually EVERYone going to MDSW this weekend, but it sure seems like it!


You won't be all by yourself. You'll have company in FL, as well.

I agree that knitting, the knitting blogiverse and these festivals are all about relationships. Through blogs, I feel like I "know" so many more people than I actually do. I have something in common with people all over the country... all over the world, even. More than I do in my own back yard, for sure.

We speak a certain language, that is universal to us. We share things through our blogs that others, including family and non-knitting friends, will respond to with a blank look, while we knitters will smile or laugh, and nod knowingly. We have all had similar experiences, frustrations and victories with our knitting, and can revel in the successes and frustrations of others. Oops, I am rambling.

Thanks for the great post. It obviously struck a chord with me.

W. :)


Ah, I just think those of us not going aren't talking about it. ;)


Interesting post. I've often thought about why people blog, what we choose to blog about, the community and yet semi-anonymity of it. I am sure this phenomena is fueling at least one dissertation somewhere out there.

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