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Crabapple yarn? I'll buy! :)
Thanks for brightening my bloglines!
And unfortunately, your schedule for scarf knitting sounds vaguely familiar!
Have fun today!


I'm just chuckling at your calculations for the scarf. On something that unstructured (or, at least, something where you really can stop whenever you want, once you're past a certain point), I tend to just wing it. Step four was the best, though! Hope you're having a good Saturday.

julia fc

Me too. I love the calculation strategy. I'm knitting a secret project I call the Big Blue Favor, and like you did, I figured out how many inches I need to do a day, somedays more, somedays less, and still, I'll be cramming in that last finishing thing the night before it has to go off in the mail for the photo shoot. I I wish I could be this efficient on my own knitting.


Perfect way to knit! LOL
I'll buy some yarn in those colors! Maybe we can get Judy to dye and spin it for us.


The lace pattern looks great--the yarn has such sheen to it. Whats the yarn you're using?? I've looked on your blog, but then again, I'm lazy....nice work though!

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