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I'm tagging you for yet another book meme. The questions are posted on my blog from today. I hope you don't mind!
Gardening on crutches; gotta love it. And I love those buttons!


Gorgeous buttons. Where are you ordering the Plymouth needles from? I've heard they're great but no one here carries them (just call me too-lazy-to-google).

I'm always torn with the messy photo background issue. I've actually used my camera, inadvertantly, to help me clean the house. Take picture, realize it looks cluttered, go on a cleaning binge. But its also interesting to see what someone has to hand in their workspace. Very telling.


Tools of the trade....always allowed. I don't know how anyone could stay away from Judy's yarns. They are simple to live for. It's great to see you can get about a bit and even work in the yard. It must have felt good to leave your 'mess' behind. (I will NEVER show my 'space'!)


Cody is healing well, but I think I must have missed the part in your blog describing why YOU are on crutches. Great shot of crutches in yard. The mystery behind your sleeve length may have something to do with the ease in the body of your sweater... is it wide or clingy. If wide, the shoulders will add some of the actual sleeve length when wearing it - think of those oversized sweaters everyone was wearing 10 years ago. I also could relate to the photo of the bedside table; get better soon.

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