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This is a very important topic to me. It seems most folks of my IRL and virtual acquaintance spend their time rushing around to get STUFF without really considering what they are doing and why.

I actually am not all that big on stuff and "having", and honestly feel quite the oddball at times. Of course, oddball is v. v. good.



Very, very interesting couple of posts! There are so many points I want to ponder, I'm not even sure how to comment, other than to say that I've always felt that happiness is a state of mind and comes from within. Of course, external forces can affect it--disasters WILL make you sad no matter how much knitting you do, and a giggling child or playing puppy will cause a smile even on a bad day--but the overall emotional state--whether you're a happy person or not--comes as much from your attitude and outlook as anything else.

That quote: "We give up our hobbies and outside interests because we do not have time, not realizing of course that these activities, not our work, are what really make us unique and interesting," pretty much sums it up for me! I've said that for years.

And also that, we can always make time for whatever is truly important to us (barring exceptionally hectic periods of life, like graduate school, wedding planning, etc.). If finding time to read or knit or write a letter or see a friend is truly important to you--if you make it a priority in your life--you will always manage to squeeze it in, even if not as often as you'd like. People who use "I'm so busy," as an excuse for why they couldn't write a two-line email drive me nuts! (But then I turn to my comfy chair, book, yarn, and puppy and let it the irritation flow away, of course!) I think the trick there is to figure out what SHOULD be your priority.

Obviously there are things like work and kids and housework that cannot be ignored [indefinitely] just because you want to curl up with a book, but that doesn't also mean that you shouldn't be able to find 15 minutes a day to do so.

(Hmm, I think I drifted off topic there!)


Some great insights from your readers. The last quote in your post says it so well and succinctly. I'm going to write it down and keep it for inspiration to get me to the gym more often.
I want to see the forsythia and the shadblows!


Interesting topic. Two things keep me from buying many things. First (until yesterday) was not having a car...an amazing number of places where I could potentially spend money REQUIRE a car (you can't walk to malls). The second is my awareness of the resources that go into making my purchase...so I always ask myself do I need it....most of the time no! although I have a weakness for yarn and a weakness for art...but I do feel better being around visually attractive things. I still I feel a lot of pressure from society to be materialistic.


i've been back to read this several times. there's always room for a reminder that happiness is not something we can get, buy, make or even seek. it's only something we can *be*. i wanted to say something more profound, but it seems my mind has deserted me.

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