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Other than protest that it would have been better with a photo of the Master Knitter (Mistress Knitter?) herself, I can't complain about anything, other than missing the chance to be there too. I have yet to be converte to either circs for socks or toe-up. Maybe one day...


I'm glad you enjoyed the class! I did, too. It's always scary to walk in not knowing what the ambient level of skill and interest is. This particular group was highly motivated, mostly comfortable with knitting in general, and very relaxed. That made teaching much easier.

I really **do** have four more pairs that didn't make it out of my laundry basket into the wash in time for show and tell. No kidding. I've found the best way to make your socks last longer is to have lots of them, so you don't wear each individual pair as often. It's an approach I've embraced with both needles flying. Plus what you see on the table has been accumulated since I started using fingering weight for socks, about 10 years ago. Given 10 years of production, about 30 pairs isn't all that many to have in one's sock drawer (she states nervously, wondering if she is a bit off her rocker in this).

In any case, see you around the knitblogisphere and the LYS, and happy sockking, -K.

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