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Stock up and make sure you have everything at your finger tips!


Lots of knitting time should be a happy thing!

As far as the husband sweater, if he's in love with the yarn and the color I'd go ahead with it. I don't know of any formulas for figuring out how much extra yarn to buy, but I suppose I'd get a bunch (helpful, I know) and count on being able to return it if there are left-overs. Hmmm... can you calculate the difference in row gauge between the suggested yarn and your yarn, and maybe figure an approximate number of extra rows you'll be knitting and therefore the extra yardage you'd need? Just thinking out loud here.


Lots of knitting time is definitely a good thing. As for the husband, could you get the same color in a heavier yarn?

Welcome to the knitting blog ring!


Well, the easy answer (and I hope you will be very very happy to hear this!) is that it doesn't matter one single little tiny bit WHAT size needle you use to get gauge: gauge is a measurement of the fabric you produce, and ball band recommendations of needle sizes to achieve gauge are simply that, recommendations that might bear no relationship to your way of knitting. However, you can get a soft and drapey 25 stitches/4" fabric or a stiff and sturdy 25 stitches/4" fabric--that's the tricky part. For instance, I can get this gauge with a soft worsted and with Shetland fingering weight--very different fabrics, though. But you say you/BF like the resulting fabric, so that should be OK. And if you get 25 stitches to 4 inches with both types of yarn, the stated yardage needs should remain constant as well. Because 25 stitches per inch is a static length (roughly).


Ann Budd put out a little laminated card that gives you approximate yardages for various garments based on size and gauge. It's called the Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements.

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