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Whatever signs of spring I've seen were erased from my memory by yesterday's storm.

The poor thing looks frozen. Knit him a hat.


10 below up here this morning when I got up. It's warmed up to 10 above now. That's F, not C. I doubt I'll be seeing robins here for a while. Geesh.


We have daffodils, crocuses, blue sky and no snow. Sorry to brag...we'll pay later. We'd take some snow but you can keep that cold, cold air. That poor bird is so fluffed out. You can see how cold it is. Stay warm!


I came across your blog today and really enjoyed your entry about your husband's sweater. I knit a sweater for my husband (K P&S top-down pattern) to replace a shabby one. He loved the new sweater so much, he wears it to work and brags about it. And still wears the shabby one to walk the dog at night;-)

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