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May you heal quickly! You must be a 'true' knitter think of knitting while under anesthesia..that's just too funny. How about a checkboard patterned scarf for him. Good healing thoughts are coming your way!!


Pink cashmere! That's going to be one happy resident. For the non-knit ideas, does he drink coffee? (I'm thinking what doctor doesn't?) Something from a nice coffee place, perhaps, or tea?

Janice in GA

Was most of the work done on your ankle, rather than your knee? I don't know if that's "better" or not! Wishing you quick recuperation and healing!


You and I need to get together. I could walk around and get stuff for you, and you could help me knit. I like the coffee idea for the guy. Or movie passes. Who doesn't go to movies?


You know, I'm not good with medical stuff. I realized that looking at your post-op pic. But I'm glad you have no pain.

The baby, and its blanket too, are beautiful.

You can still order more color cards. They come very quickly. ;-)

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