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Interesting crossovers.
I am sometimes disgusted by others in my LYS, the way they fill up two and three baskets with yarn that will ultimately not get used (call it more than a hunch...). But there's a certain hunger in the whole yarn experience. Heck, I can't not walk into a yarn store (or, for that matter, the yarn aisle at the local AC Moore) without involuntarily touching, petting, and stroking the yarn.

Well said.

Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della

What a thought-provoking post; thank you for sharing your thoughts. I've been sending my non-knitting sister to my local yarn shop when I want a set of new needles or the latest Rowan because I'm overcome by compulsive yarnaholic spending behavior if I go myself. So, like you, I've seen the needles and the damage done...oh I'm sorry. Suddenly I was thinking about Neil Young. No really! Great post.

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