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Asking what's probably an obvious question here, but ... do you knit continental? If so you might try English. I do both but will sometimes use one or the other to have a change of hand motion.

The baby blanket looks great.Hope your wrist is better soon.


OMG, I had that test years ago. The person (an M.D., no less) administering it couldn't get any signal. WOW, I must have REALLY BAD carpal tunnel. Keep upping the electric zap. I WAS CRYING REAL TEARS and was literally WRITHING in agony. She just didn't understand why she was getting NO signal. then she noticed she had not connected the end of the electrode in the machine. She didn't even apologize. She was visibly pregnant. I could have killed both her and her unborn child. Afterwards, the hand doc saw me. "So, you had the nerve conduction test?" (I can't remember the initials anymore) I looked at him with the biggest show of disgust I've ever showed and said, "Yes. Did you dislike me THAT MUCH?" and proceeded to tell him the story. She was supposedly the best in the state; she was just having a bad day. Yeah. Right. That helped. This is one reason I love M.D.s. But I've never met an anesthesiologist-knitter I didn't love. (hee)

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