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Aaargh! Blog coverage of tomorrow's class! I'll have to be sure not to let the third eye in the middle of my forehead show, or to wear something ultra silly-looking. Unfortunately, scrub pants on me would have more Hefty Bag than Fashion Statement... Seriously, I am looking forward to it, and to connecting faces with blogs/sigs. See you there! -K.


Actually, I think it will be interesting to read both the teacher and the student perspective of this sock class. First of all, after reading Kim's blog, I doubt you could have a teacher who's more thoroughly prepared. And as a teacher, I think it will be interesting.

That is, if you're both honest. If it's all edited for public consumption, we'll never really know, will we?

And btw, my inner three year old is stomping her feet right now. And rather petulantly throwing a tantrum against my addressing the entire first half of your post. She'd actually like me to buy some yarn. ;-)

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