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Thanks for stopping by my place. I love the sock yarn you're using. There are many cool toes to use and I'd rather knit any of them that knit a toe-up again. LOL


Sock? Is it MC Mountain Goat? I ask because I tried to make a pair of socks with this yarn, and it was the only yarn that ever totally stumped me. It did not help that I was trying to knit a lace pattern in a slippery yarn in a dark color.

On the other hand, the only other sock that totally stumped me was also a ... lace pattern... dark color... I think I'm noticing a trend.


Hey! Marla is on my list, too. I love that book. I'm just finishing up Kirstin from it, and there are a couple more I want to do. What's the yarn you're using?


I had the same question as Norma. I love that design~ perfect spring sweater. It's definitely on my "someday" list.

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