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Whoa, she lives! It's a miracle!

Caroline Morris

It is lovely to hear from you. I thought of you recently when I bought some summer snowflake bulbs (some variant on that name anyway), the ones that look a little like snowdrops. I loved yours so I'm having my own.


You sound well, if perhaps a bit busy with non-blogable matters. Other than some trimming of bushes, we have done zero plant-based activities. Which is a good thing because we are overrun with bunnies who are very hungry.


“How’s the weaving going?” she asks, ducking.


Our garden has been overrun by a very unwelcome woodchuck! He's GOT to go. Glad to hear from you, of course!


SO happy to see you blogging! It's been quite a year on both ends of the country. We had summer of interminably hot days, rainless months, and constantly smoky skies. Not sure if we'll see much color in the mountains this year.


There you are. I was giving you up for lost...

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