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This is a great list. The Russian woman that broke her back is the dark side of the extremes of competition.


I love that video! And I totally agree with you on the commercials. Couldn't, say, Verizon have made ten commercials instead of one for the Olympics? And I want to throw up every time the Chevy (?) one with the money-grubbing babysitter comes on.


I am so sick of the same commercials - I hear them in my sleep. I'm not sure I will finish my Olympic project either. My hands have been hurting so I need to take frequent breaks from the perpetual stockinette!


I like your list and hearing your reactions to the events, athletes and the overall Olympic experience. The commercials are the reason I gave up the first time I tried to watch. I'll keep reading headlines in the NYT for my results.

Caroline M

I am fortunate to be watching the Olympics without adverts and with a choice of sports. Thank you BBC.

It's going to need a lot of education to get past the idea of picking yourself up and carrying on. Concussion kills, reading about Ben Robinson made me glad that rugby isn't a school sport. At least with hockey I just worry about broken fingers.

Teresa C

I love your list! #1, hahahaha! And you are so right about the head injuries, we both have experience there. I'll complain about hockey players coming back too soon and my husband is all, nah! They've been checked out, they are fine! What? Hope it's never him (at least not again) or anyone he loves (at least not again).

Teresa C

Haha! Just watched the video. Have you seen the APP Action Movie? You can take a video on your phone and then add something like above or another explosion to it. So funny.


Yes the 'ski video' made me laugh too. My husband linked on his facebook and no one picked up on it. We can't understand why.
Thanks for your list.


Okay... I'm going to say that every penny we pay DirecTv for the thingy that records everything and then we fast-forward thru the commercials has been worth it. Because I wouldn't have lasted thru the commercials for even one airing. THAT should be a medal-winning feat.

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