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You reminded me (sigh); I so have to redo my kitchen.

I have fewer and fewer holiday traditions but more and more to knit. How did that happen?


There may not be a "name" for what you do, but it is surely appreciated nonetheless. Watching It's A Wonderful Life should have made my list, too. It exemplifies the season.


Wonderful, wonderful traditions! I love #1, mitzvah or not, and I can completely relate to #3 and #6.

Caroline M

Over the years we've done less or to put it another way we've stripped it back to the things that are meaningful for us. I quizzed my son (13) and to him the essential elements are presents, turkey and crackers. He did originally look at me straight faced and in a measured tone said"well the most important thing is family" then laughed and changed to "presents".


In my world, it's ABSOLUTELY a mitzvah. Good for you!


I think it's wonderful that you work at Christmas so that your colleagues can have time off. I also love that you bake for those who work with you. As for your house, I've been there and it's FAR from a dump!


Seconding Carole!


I love this list.

Even *I* baked cookies...my favorite Swiss cookies: mailanderli.


I work through Christmas week, too. It is still a gift, regardless of the name.

Have you considered hiring a housekeeper? I find it is very helpful to have someone do the floors and bathroom so that I can address the entropy.


As one who benefitted year after year from your people taking the holiday shifts, I thank you. Having Daddy home for the holiday was a treasure and I cherish those memories.

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