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Oh dear, another bowl freak. I put them in drawers. That one is beautiful. Are there studios where you could spend the afternoon throwing pots?

Paula Smith

I also have a weakness for bowls. That's a beauty!


Remind me to show you the glaze test bowls I bought yesterday - tiny little shallow bowls, made just to test various glazes. Fascinating.


Pretty. Love the simple glaze wash.


Throwing pots is exquisitely messy and therefore exquisitely fun. Do it do it do it!


I bought a beautiful wooden bowl on Saturday at a craft fair. Now I'm searching for a suitable place. Your pottery one is gorgeous.


Bowls and small boxes are a weakness of mine, too. His work is delicate and beautifully crafted. Nice purchase!


Pretty! I also have my share of pretty little bowls. There are two on my desk right now.

Melissa G

Pretty bowl! Coincidentally, the high school hosts its' 'Empty Bowls' event later this week: bowls made by district students are on show and sale. (See www.emptybowls.net)


Gorgeous! I love little bowls like this one too.

Cheryl S.

That's just lovely!


Most of my bowls are in the kitchen cupboard... which overfloweth!! All shapes and sizes, materials and vintages. I love every one of them, and delight in choosing the right one for the job at hand!

Caroline M

I have little bowls to catch small things (more recently memory cards but it started off for lego dust). Mine are ramekin dishes for the kitchen, functional rather than beautiful.

I've never thrown a pot or worked with glass but I can't say that I have an urge for either (well, maybe the glass just a little)


Little bowl addiction is functional beauty. My pottery weakness is Edgecomb Potters. http://edgecombpotters.com/store/pottery-home But I love juried craft fairs and the lovely assortment to drool over.

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