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Caroline M

I pack a torch but then that's because I'm packing a dog too so late night walks are always a feature of my holidays. Gloves and handcream in the winter, just the handcream in the summer because snaggy hands are no fun. Knitting - at least one more project than I think I'll need and a ball of sock yarn and needles just to be safe. You can always bring it back but you don't always have the chance to buy more.


I always forget a notepad and pen (amongst other necessities), but I never forget my antibiotic ointment! Listening/reading devices are extremely important!
Park City people are creative.


#4 - OMG. I have the heebie-jeebies thinking about germs out in the world.

I have been known to remember to pack only for #1 and not so much for actual clothing. That's an issue.


I promise I'm not laughing! And you're right that planning what knitting to pack takes more time than planning what clothes to pack.


Okay, I had to google YogaPaws.
And yes, the knitting comes first. I always seem to calculate knitting mass for 24/7 knitting time. Wouldn't want to run short...


Here, here for the bandaids and antibiotic ointment! Hannah, who was wearing flipflops of course, once stepped on a really sharp rock while we were in Italy. I casually reached into my (small) crossbody bag and pulled out my (tiny) Walker bag
in which I carry bandaids, Neosporin, and antiseptic wipes. Gangrene avoided!

Melissa G

We typically travel with the full first aid kit, but then we also are doing something like skiing or camping/hiking so the day pack is with us.

Dental floss is underrated. It can be so many things. Kind of like toilet paper.

Head lamps are pretty handy too. No hands needed.


I had to google YogaPaws, too.

Will a tube of Neosporin really make a difference with flesh-eating bacteria? Even if applied early? A family friend had a major run-in with such bugs that nearly cost her a leg. As it turned out, I think they ended up carving away much of her thigh (although she still has her entire leg, I'm not sure how functional it is).

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